Holographic Kinetics

“My Holographic Kinetics session with Jammie was absolutely amazing. I had no idea what I was in for. I felt completely safe and at ease. The session tapped into parts of my consciousness that felt essential and infinite. I received clarity through imagery and knowing that helped bridge gaps in consciousness healing I had done with talk therapy, body work, and energy work. Jammie is a conduit for healing trauma at a soul level. She was made for this work and I would recommend a treatment to anyone searching for deep and lasting resolution.

— Brian Poth

 “6 months ago, I was learning about kinetics and wanting to learn more.  About that time Jammie said she was learning Holographic Kinetics.  I was intrigued and the timing seemed perfect, so I tried it.  I didn’t know what to expect but I knew there were things I wanted to be different around anxiety, thoughts of financial abundance, and healthy living.  After my 1.5 hour session, which was something I had never experienced before in terms of connecting to the non-physical world, I felt a difference.  The next three days I had a sense of peace and connectedness to spirit that I had never had before.  It stayed with me for some time and I’ve noticed I’m different in my thinking and feeling.  I’ve since recommended to three or four other people who have also had powerful experiences.  If you are struggling in any area, give it a try.   It could be the most effective self-care you’ve ever done.  It works particularly well with PTSD and substance disorders too.  That said, spending time with Jammie is a treat and that alone leaves you feeling good.”

— Nick Vargas

“I heard about holographic kinetics when Jammie began posting about her training experience early this year and how life-shifting it was for her. Initially, aside from having light curiosity and enjoying following her journey on social media, I wasn’t particularly interested in trying it for myself. However, last summer I experienced a bout of crippling anxiety that lasted several weeks. One morning as I was feeling particularly out of balance and the heavy feelings of an impending panic attack brewed in my chest, an image of Jammie popped into my mind. Like a booming spiritual ‘AHA moment’ I instantly and intuitively knew I was called to reach out to her.

After booking my holographic kinetics session with Jammie I began to second-doubt myself and was hesitant to follow through. As habit and ego would have it, negative thoughts attempted to derail me from what my heart knew I needed. I was nervous at first and completely unsure of what to expect, but Jammie’s calm presence and sensitivity were just the medicine my heart needed.

I would be unforthcoming if I said my experience of the holographic kinetics session at that time was absolutely magical and that I blissfully left feeling like a glittery prancing unicorn. If there was one time I learned that healing and ‘seeing’ is messy, it was while laying on that table. Healing doesn’t always look like a hot cup of tea, a fuzzy blankie, and a good self-help book. That cozy type of healing is comforting in that we can control every atom of our experience of it. Holographic kinetics is a JOURNEY where SPIRIT leads you to the deepest caverns of time and space. You will be surprised where you find yourself going for healing, be it in this lifetime …or another. You will learn that time is not linear and neither is your healing.

I walked away from my first session with immense heightened connection to the present and my current experience of reality, while simultaneously feeling a groggy disconnect as if I were now separate from it. Like Frodo Baggins returning from his epic journey to Mt. Doom, I was now seeing with different eyes…I was now existing on an entirely different level of consciousness and healing than I was previously and than those around me. My deep healing did not instantaneously happen ON Jammie’s table, nor DURING THAT session. The healing developed and its blessings unfolded as moments of clarity, strength, and vision that I never would have had previously. The reason that previously led me to suffer crippling anxiety attacks no longer phases me. Limiting beliefs that previously kept me from pursing my goals and what my heart wanted are now insignificant thoughts that I wave to as they run by. I recognize myself as a divine multidimensional being and feel much more confident, connected, joyous, playful, adventurous, and most importantly…free-spirited!!!! I was able to LET GO of some things that don’t serve me. I don’t remember ever having felt as motivated to pursue my joy and as connected to my SELF as I do now. And the exciting beauty is that it’s a gift that’s still unfolding! Instead of feeling anxious and fearful of what’s to come on my path, I now look forward to writing the next pages of my journey myself. I’m so deeply grateful for Jammie as a beautiful soul that has touched my life and for her amazing and healing medicine.”

— Tencha Muñoz

Mindfulness Coaching

“That is so awesome and important what you are doing. I know it has helped me and opened my eyes to a whole new world. I am totally loving rediscovering myself and what makes me happy. Still cannot thank you enough!!! Keep up your amazing work!!!”

— Brianna Newton

“Jammie is one of the kindest and most encouraging people you will come across. Her real life experiences and how she accepts that everything is happening for her is inspiring and it gives her an understanding and empathy for the people around her. Definitely do not hesitate to reach out to her!”

— Nicole Larson

Intuitive Distance Energy Healing

“What an amazing experience! Never having Reiki work done before I scheduled my appointment with an open mind and no expectations. Jammie performed her magic while I was sleeping. I woke the next morning feeling light and calm. The pain issues from my Lupus were greatly diminished or entirely gone. Jammie also sent a detailed email following my session. I look forward to my next appointment and recommend that you treat yourself to her healing energy too.”

— Sabrina Reese

“Prior to Distance Reiki sessions with you, I felt a lot of pain and fatigue.  After your treatment, I felt less pain and more energy.”

— Tatyana Korzhenkof

“At 5 months old, my baby had to have surgery to remove a cyst that had developed under her skull. I was so worried that she would experience a lot of pain. Jammie started giving my daughter distance Reiki on the day of her surgery. We only gave her liquid tylenol one time the day of surgery, but she threw it up. Jammie continued to give her distance Reiki every day for 15 to 20 minutes at a time in the few weeks following the surgery. I was surprised that we never had to give her pain medication during that time, she didn’t seem to be in pain, and she healed quickly.”

— Amy Kohen

“The pain in my knees is gone. I’m also experiencing a higher energy level.”

— Paul Vargas

“I used to have pain in my knees every night. I have not had any more knee pain since my Reiki session with you.”

— Helen Kohen

“I feel waaaaaaaay better than yesterday. My energy is so much stronger today.”

— Danny Ryan

“The healing energy I received from Jammie through Reiki was what I can best describe as truly spiritual and magical! I felt an out of body experience after I closed my eyes. Her healing abilities are very much real. I’ve never been able to truly meditate, but feel that I was in a meditation state during my first healing session with her. I’ve had a few sessions with her and feel that my health has improved not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. I recommend this to anyone going through trauma, physical pain, depression, anxiety, and addiction. Give it a try.”

— Jay Najera