About Me

70DDBFB3-1CEF-42A3-A279-16BCCFF76E43I am one spirit in a sea of billions traveling through this world in a human body, learning and growing as I go.  On my journey, I have found inspiration to keep going in other peoples’ stories, and so I hope that by sharing my story and insights, I do the same for you.  My guidepost is inner peace.  I have more peace in my life now than I have ever had before, which I attribute to seeing the divine reasons and lessons in my experiences, to changing the way I think about things, and prioritizing my own inner healing.  My intention for Peaceful Jellyfish Healing is to share the awareness I’ve gained through my experience, and the means by which I’ve healed for the benefit of others. I am passionate about empowering people to HEAL and ALIGN with their own Spirit, so that they can ELEVATE their energetic frequency and THRIVE!

My Story

In the Fall of 2009, after living a very active and healthy lifestyle, I lost my health completely and abruptly to a mystery illness that went undiagnosed for several years.  During that time, I went from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist before getting any real answers.  Because the doctors believed that the problem was due to my “overactive immune system,” I was loaded up with prednisone (steroids) to suppress my immune system, which only temporarily put a band-aid on my symptoms.  You can read more about my own health journey HERE and HERE.  Following a long road of hitting rock bottom, and experiencing unwanted side effects from years of medications, I began to seek alternative therapies like homeopathy, and energy healing.  After all, I had nothing to lose once I had lost my health.  And so I began my personal healing journey as the right people and treatments were placed on my path at the right time.  I went from not being able to walk to my mailbox because of the immense chest pain that any activity would cause me, to being able to be on my feet for 12+ hours a day in the hospital as a Registered Nurse on days I work, and to keep up with my young son, and hiking, camping, dancing, and exploring on my days off.  A lot of the shift in my health happened when I made positive changes to my life in areas that had been causing me loads of stress, and when I stopped identifying as my illness.  Our thoughts are very powerful, and I have seen how they have affected my life both for the negative and the positive.  My purpose in this life is to heal and free myself in alignment and sovereignty with my own Spirit, so that I may serve as a mentor for others who are yearning to do the same. The ripples we create in this life live on far beyond the confines of these physical meat suits we currently find ourselves wearing. I aim to have a positive impact on this world.