There’s a whole world vying for our attention (our energy). What we focus on grows. What are you choosing to use your energy to grow in your life?

It’s important to be mindful of what we’re giving our energy to. It’s OK to decide that we want to use our energy to create rather than consume, to focus on our own projects rather than projects for others, and to harness creative energy when its flowing while tuning out the outside world for a while.

It’s OK to set boundaries and give more to yourself right now. It’s OK to be very selective with who or what fills your time. Do not allow outside forces to distract you from your path.

I’ve been focusing most of my posting energy on IG for a while now, but am bringing it back to my blog. As I feel inspired to write, you’ll be seeing it here. I hope you’re finding ways to stay grounded during this time. Every little bit we do for ourselves counts. Keep going.

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