Flow Like a Jellyfish

It’s a practice to stay in the flow like a jellyfish. Being in alignment is easy when your life is predictable, or is it? When my life was more predictable, I didn’t feel like I even had the energy to get into the flow. I was just trying to keep all of my balls in the air as I juggled home life and hospital life (as a Registered Nurse). That sounds contradictory because being in the flow sounds like it shouldn’t require any work. Staying in the flow now requires me to spend a minimum of 25 minutes a day in meditation and honestly I think I need to up that to at least an hour. The mind is powerful, and when it spins and spins like a hamster in a wheel, nothing good comes of it. I find that meditation quiets my mind so that I am able to hear solutions and inspired next steps from my soul. When I don’t take the adequate time to quiet my mind, it likes to worry and throw worst-case scenarios at me all day. It’s not fun, healthy, or helpful.

As a human, I think being in the flow like a jellyfish does at least require a conscious effort. After all, the societal norms we’ve been conditioned to follow don’t always allow for a flow that is guided by our intuition. I’ve had to unlearn a lot of things that I had been conditioned to think and therefore believe over the course of my life. It took getting to a place where I was done living life in survival mode. I was done suffering through life as a victim of circumstance. I was done having pity parties about my lost health, my failed marriage, and the fact that my family lives so far away. So I stopped playing the victim. I started taking responsibility for the way I was showing up, for the way I was responding to my life. It doesn’t mean that those things aren’t part of my past that shaped me, but it does mean that I don’t continue to live there. An example would be a person who is so upset about a failed marriage or a toxic relationship they had in the past that they continue to recycle the story in their mind over and over about how they should have known better, or that they picked a terrible partner, and that they don’t want to even date anymore because they made such a terrible mistake in the past. Like a record on repeat, they suffer as if it just happened yesterday, when in fact, it happened over 20 years ago. Can you relate? How many things do we force ourselves to experience over and over again long after the incident itself has passed?

Being in the flow when you’re following your intuition , your soul’s path, and the guidance you receive requires an enormous amount of trust. I’ll say that more trust is required of me all the time as I get further down this rabbit hole of self-discovery and surrender. Do I have trust during every moment of every day? No. Do I live with more trust now that I am always being taken care of by the Universe than ever before? Yes. Sometimes we can’t experience the full magic of what the Universe has in store for us until we stop trying to control every aspect of our lives, and instead start following our inspired ideas with inspired actions.

The beauty and the terror of taking such a big leap of faith like I did (by quitting my stable Registered Nursing job in the hospital to start my own healing business) is that it put me on the fast track for growth. My soul is adventurous and knew that I could handle it. But I’ll just say that this fast track means that I’m often confronted with all of my deepest issues all at once. Frequently I find myself working through my limiting beliefs and those of my family and ancestors surrounding abundance, relationships, and self-worth all in the same week, often in the same day. Things I thought I dealt with long ago resurface to be healed completely. Insecurities I believed I healed get triggered by my relationships to show me that I need to dig deeper.

My soul and I are one in the same, so personally, I enjoy being shown where I am still placing imaginary limits in my life, so that I can actively work to move through them and replace them with more beneficial beliefs. It feels like a game of sorts, because so often now I have been rewarded by my efforts to grow and expand in the form of payoff in increased internal peace and happiness. If you’re here too, then I know you understand what I am saying. Peace of mind is more precious than anything else in this world. I will protect my peace in any way I need to, which is why I can appreciate when non-peace inducing situations in my life shift on their own. Maybe you have seen this in your own life? Something or someone has been disrupting your peace for some time, so then you set intentions for more peace, and the Universe removes the situation or person from your life. And at first you might get defensive about it until you remember that you’ve been asking for more peace and happiness in your life.

To me, being in the flow means connecting with my higher self, my spirit guides and angels every day and following the guidance that comes through more than what my mind is telling me. Flowing with inner wisdom and guidance in the form of my intuition that works as my most potent superpower. The more you follow your intuition, the more in the flow you become. Intuition is something we all have, and when we choose to follow it, it strengthens much like a muscle. I used to view my empathy as a sort of curse, and then a few years ago I had the epiphany that perhaps I was meant strengthen my intuition so that I could use it to help people. I see now that strengthening it was intended for my benefit above all else, but now I see how my intuition helps others all of the time in the form of guidance that comes through me. I would not change my ability to do that for anything.

We are all being asked to process a lot of deep inner issues right now. We are all being asked to comfort and heal our inner child. We are being asked to put ourselves and our health first. At times, this energy is feeling quite dense and heavy and it’s having an impact on all of us. I have found that increasing the ways that I show myself love during this time to be very beneficial. For me, that has meant placing priority on spending more time in nature. Time outdoors feeds my soul like nothing else. So when I feel the hamsters of my mind hop in their wheels and start dishing out worst case scenarios and yelling out suggestions that I should go find a nursing job, I head outside. Fast. I also meditate more, and remind myself that I am ALWAYS being taken care of by the Universe. You are too.

Notice the shift that happens when you choose yourself and YOUR needs for a change. Notice the changes that begins to take place in your life when you follow your intuition more often. Notice the difference it makes when you choose to do something that brings you joy every day. It is in doing all of these things that you’ll find yourself living in the flow like a jellyfish.

It is my soul’s purpose in this life to heal myself and then help others on their own healing journeys. If my words are resonating with you, but you’re having a difficult time finding your own flow in life, reach out to me at peacefuljellyfish@gmail.com and we can talk about ways that I can help you. I’d love to hear from you!

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