The whole Universe is expanding. We are all learning, growing, and expanding. Whether we recognize and enjoy it as it’s happening or whether we resist the expansion or try and control the rate of expansion, expansion will always happen. We are all expanding as we are meant to. We all expand at different rates. And that’s OK. The divine lives through each of us in the perfect way to expand consciousness. Expansion is inevitable. Resistance and suffering are optional.When you embrace the expansion or growth, it’s like you find a key to a whole other world. You begin to be aware of how your thoughts create your reality, so you realize the power you have to create your life. And then the fun begins. Life starts to get really exciting.

The people and situations in your life have not been placed there on accident. There are no coincidences. People are placed on your path as you are ready for them, as they can help you wake up and expand, and not a moment before. What I have to say and what I bring to someone’s life is exactly what they need and are ready for, even if they don’t realize it. Many people are sent into our lives to help wake us up. We are all meant to wake each other up to the limitless potential that is within each of us.

Expansion is not usually a comfortable process. In fact, it can be quite uncomfortable by nature because it pushes us out of our comfort zones and works to break down our egos. Breaking down the ego can be a painful process, because we hold it as our finite identity. But it is not. The ego bases all of its knowledge on our past experiences, so it develops ideas about what it safe or unsafe based on the past. We are not our minds and the thoughts we think. We are the divine manifested.

My expansion through my illness was VERY uncomfortable. In fact, as I was going through it, I frequently wondered “why me?” I wanted to be healthy again. I wanted to be able to do the things I had always been able to do. But, even in the discomfort, my illness pushed me to become a nurse, and through my sickest time, I weaved in and out of doctors’ offices and classrooms at the local community college. My challenge lined me up on the path I was meant to take, and it grew me.

Beyond a big challenge like illness, I find that for me, being in relationship is one of the fastest ways for me to grow and expand. Yes I can learn the same things on my own, but I have seen being in relationship speed up the process. The other person provides a mirror to reflect things I like about myself and things I still haven’t dealt with in myself that I don’t particularly like. It brings up everything that needs healed in me. And that’s not always an easy thing to navigate. When you unconsciously experience a difficult relationship and you can’t see the lessons you are being taught, it can feel very hard. It can break you down in a way like no other. But when you set the intention to heal your old wounds and move past your old patterns, the Universe guides you to be with someone who will show you where you’re still getting hung up and provide you with enough space from the person so that you can see the truth in the situation and work out the issue without reacting as if it has anything to do with the other person. It’s never about the other person. It’s always about ourselves and what we need to learn. This process can feel tough, really tough, because the person and their actions can trigger our most wounded parts of ourselves. I’ve been learning to recognize when I’m being triggered and I try to not react in that moment. But I’m human, and I still react without thinking sometimes and then have to apologize for it later. But that’s how we learn. We make mistakes sometimes until we can recognize what’s happening. I’m learning to release my perfectionist tendencies and be OK with doing my best in each moment.

I believe that all relationships aren’t meant to last forever, but they’re all meant to teach us valuable things about ourselves and how we’re moving through the world. Do we like how it feels to move through the world as us? Do we need to make some changes, because we don’t like how it feels? Have we built walls to protect us from the outside world that are hindering our ability to give and receive love? THAT’S where the work lies. It does not lie in trying to change other people or have them fit the mold we have in our head for them. We have to trust that we are perfect for them in the moment and they are perfect for us. This goes for every kind of relationship we have, including the ones with our children. Of course, while I believe that abusive relationships are showing us how we are ultimately abusing ourselves, I do not advocate staying in those situations.

In true Universe fashion, this message popped up for me as I was thinking about this topic today:

“Whatever relationships you have attracted in your life are precisely the ones you need in your life at this moment.

There is a hidden meaning behind all events, and this hidden meaning is serving your own evolution.”

–Deepak Chopra

We are meant to wake up. We are meant to wake each other up. The ego fights to maintain control by giving us a false sense of safety. And example is that our mind might tell us to stay in a job we don’t enjoy, so that we can one day retire and start living our lives fully. But the reality is that regardless of how long we stick with a job we’re not enjoying, we are not promised retirement, or health that allows us to enjoy it. There are no guarantees in life, so listening to your limiting beliefs or the limiting beliefs of others that seem like the safe bet will not always work out the way you’re hoping.

We all have gifts and talents that we are meant to use in this life in big ways. We are meant to grow beyond the walls we have built to protect us, the limits that our minds have created, and the brainwashing inflicted on us by our culture and society. When we realize that all we have control over in this life is our thoughts, our choices, and our actions, we release so much anxiety because we realize that it is not up to us to fix everyone and everything outside of ourselves. When we realize that so much is out of our control, life gets easier and less complicated. We stop trying to stay safe in jobs that are making us ill. We stop trying to control people and situations. Instead, we flow with life and then life flows.

In relationship, when the other person wants to leave, we release them knowing that life always works out for our highest good.  When we lose a job, we can be excited that the Universe is lining us up with something better.  We never lose something that is meant for us. Ever.  Let me repeat that because it has helped me on more than one occasion.

We can NEVER lose something that is meant for us!

This goes for jobs, relationships, material goods etc. Our 5 senses limit us, but the Universe is much more expansive than that. We’ve got to believe and trust before we see the end result that we are after. We cannot wait to believe until after we see it, because then we will stay trapped as we keep ourselves out of alignment with all that we want to attract.  If we keep our minds closed and limited only to what we can see, touch, taste, hear, and smell, we miss out on a lot that our world has to offer.

Don’t be afraid to expand. Yes it’s uncomfortable. Yes it can feel like it’s going to cause us to breakdown (it IS breaking down our Ego). But expansion is part of this human experience. How exciting is it that there is another way to live this life?! We don’t have to keep coming up against the same patterns in our relationships. We don’t have to keep feeling locked away behind walls. We can consciously choose to not only accept our growth and evolution, but we can embrace it knowing that it will lead us to the job we dream about, to the kind of relationship we have been desiring.

Staying within our self-imposed limits and comfort zones might feel like the best option, because we are more comfortable there. We think we know what to expect there. We think we have more control there. But what I have found is that staying within these bounds and allowing fear to control my decisions has never led me to the places I want to go. From the looks of things, it’s not working for the people around me either.

If you want more in life than what you have had so far, it might be time to leap out of your comfort zone. Otherwise, if you keep doing what you have always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got. The only guarantees in life are our birth and death. Life is so short. I believe we should all be making the most of it.

How is your life trying to expand/grow you? Are you resisting the changes or embracing them?

I’d love to hear from you! Reach me at peacefuljellyfish@gmail.com.

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