Thankful Thoughts

I think it’s so cool how I view relationships now. It’s so freeing. I see people as inspiration. Or proof that I’m not alone. People spur me on to keep living my authentic life separate from what mainstream society tells me that I need to be doing. There are others, like me, who feel most alive when they’re hiking or jumping into and swimming in wild rivers. There are other people who find freedom in more adventure, more exploring, and less stuff. There are those of us who are single and traveling alone and still living in love, and enjoying every minute of it. I’m growing and transforming all the time. I’m enjoying the adventure. I’m enjoying the connections that I make with random strangers, good friends, and new friends.

What brings you joy?

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thoughts

  1. This post brought a big beam of joy to my face 🙂
    I’ve just arrived on my holiday and when I was walking along the playa I just felt at peace. I smiled seeing young families laughing with each other, older couples strolling hand in hand and I appreciated everything and everyone around me. I felt immense joy and gratitude.

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