We Are Never Alone

I’ve had enough experiences in my life to show me that we are never alone.  I’m not just talking about our friends and family members who are there for us when we need them, but I am also talking about our spirit guides.  And it isn’t that I knew that or felt that my whole life as things were happening, but as I experience instances in my current life where I am obviously being guided and supported, I can look back to past events and see that I was also being guided and supported back then.  A few examples come to mind right away.

One of them is from the Fall of 2006 when I flew to North Carolina to visit some dear friends in my beloved college city of Asheville.  I flew into Charlotte and my friend Michele picked me up.  We then drove the 2 hours back to her house.  I was exhausted, so I ended up taking a nap in the spare bedroom where I was going to be staying.  Before I went to sleep, I only briefly saw the layout of their house as I was walking through it.  My friends had two young boys who were ages 4 and almost 2 at the time of my visit. At one point, I woke up needing to use the bathroom.  I sort of half asleep walked out looking for the door to the bathroom in the hallway.  I came upon a door that had a little hook latch lock up high locking it from the outside.  I unlatched it thinking that maybe they locked it to keep the kids from going in the bathroom unsupervised. (I did not have my son at this time, so I was pretty clueless about this type of thing).  I unlocked the door, opened it, and sleepily took a step.  As I watched my surroundings fly by me as I fell, I was very confused.  I hit the concrete floor with my bare feet before landing on my side.  As I laid on the floor, I laughed to myself, because I was like “Holy shit!  What just happened??” The door that I had blindly stepped through led to my friends’ basement.  I had fallen 8 feet to concrete. Before my visit, Mike had removed the basement stairs (he was going to replace them), and up until recently had been storing all of his saws and tools in the spot where I landed.  My feet hurt, but it wasn’t an excruciating pain.  But I was a little nervous that maybe I could be more hurt than I felt, so I was hesitant to get up.  I yelled for my friend, Michele.  I remember the look on her face as she peered down into the basement at me lying on the ground.  She called her husband, Mike, at the fire station where he was on duty, because it just felt like we needed advice.  I ended up sort of crawling out of the basement through a door to the outside and up the steps to their back deck.  It was my first day of 7 or 10 days that I was going to be there visiting.  I had health insurance at the time through my job in Oregon, but I really didn’t know how that transferred to getting care in North Carolina, so I didn’t go to the ER or even a doctor while I was there.  Michele felt awful, so she called a good friend of hers and got me in for a massage where the woman focused on my feet and wrapped them in warm compresses.  I felt like I had a guardian angel watching out for me that day. Actually, I remember feeling like my good friend, Matty, who had died in 2001 was watching out for me.  I went on to have an amazing vacation.  The tendons and muscles in my feet would be really cramped up when I woke up in the mornings and it would hurt to walk, but as I walked more, they would loosen up.  I didn’t let my fall hinder any of my activities that week.  I ran around the house with Mike and Michele’s boys, even pulling them around in a carry on suitcase at one point.  Michele and I went and saw a band one night where we proceeded to dance for HOURS non-stop!  I went to my alma mater, Warren Wilson College, and enjoyed a party with dinner and live music with more dancing to celebrate our 5 year college reunion. When I went back to Oregon, I was having pain in the heels of both of my feet, and because my job involved a lot of hiking, I sought the care of a holistic chiropractor. The bones in my heels were bruised, and luckily, she was able to use ultrasound therapy to decrease my healing time.  Later on, I went to a podiatrist who told me that had I broken any one of the tiny bones in my feet during my fall, I could have easily been crippled for life, unable to walk.  I was obviously meant to get through that time unscathed.  I finished up that field season with no problem.  I am seeing that this experience with this holistic chiropractor opened my eyes to a completely different type of health care than I had ever known before, which made me more open to alternative therapies when I needed them later on along my journey.

Of course, if you’ve read my post titled, “Lost: Part 1 of my Health Journey”, you know that in 2009, I landed in the hospital with some serious heart complications from a mysterious illness.  If you pick the story apart a bit more, you see that the timing of when I passed out at home was divine in nature, as if it had happened on any other day during the week, my now ex-husband would not have been home to witness me passing out, and would not have been there to call 911.  I was obviously meant to live through that day.  The Physician’s Assistant from that story was placed on my path then, and again later as I started seeing her for homeopathy.  And homeopathy changed my life!  The Universe we live in is really amazing and connects people up with us so well.  Have you noticed that in your own life?

In my healing journey, I have witnessed the right people showing up in my life at the right time with just the treatment that I needed in that moment.  And that continues to happen to this day.  I find that the more aligned with my soul and trusting of the Universe that I become, the more guided and supported I notice that I am.  How have you come to find your own healers?  Can you see that the ones that have helped you the most were divinely placed on your path?

Yesterday, as I was going about my day, a few things lined up in a really cool way.  I went to have labs drawn after not having them done for a very long time.  I got there and the phlebotomist who was working is one that I have known since my early days of losing my health.  One of my labs always throws them off, because it’s not a common one ordered for most people.  So she had to get on the phone with her supervisor about how to process it.  When she got off the phone, I said something about how much I love my primary, a Nurse Practitioner, because she figured out what many specialists could not. I asked her how she had been, and she started telling me that she had been having a lot of mysterious symptoms and that she was frustrated with her doctors and the current plan of care.  I urged her to make an appointment with my NP to at least get her opinion, because my NP is one that will do a lot of research to get to the bottom of her patients’ illnesses.  I think she thrives on uncovering mystery illnesses.  Well, this conversation made me late to meet up with a new friend.  I was feeling bad about it when I finally walked into the coffee shop to meet her, so I told her a little about my conversation and the fact that I felt like I was supposed to have connected the woman with my NP.  Then, this new friend goes on to tell me that someone in her family has been having a lot of health problems that no one can figure out, so again, I recommended my NP!  Now, had I not been getting labs prior to this meeting and not had the conversation that I had with the phlebotomist, I would have been on time for this meeting with a new friend, but a conversation about my NP likely would have never even come up.  At this point, I can’t know for sure that my conversations yesterday will help anyone, but with all that I have witnessed in my life, I trust that they will.  Do you notice synchronicities like this in your own life?  I could write a whole blog post on the magic of synchronicity!  Synchronicity is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

My last example is what prompted me to write this post.  This summer, as I was hiking solo off-trail heading back to camp, I veered off in a different direction than I had taken on my way up.  Before I had left the top of the rocky table I had hiked up to, I took in the peaks around and the lake below, so that I knew the general direction to head.  I expected the terrain to look familiar to me on the hike back down. But as I hiked down, I had a hard time finding the same ravine that I had climbed up during my ascent.  So, I just kept walking in the generally right direction.  I did start to get a bit worried at one point, and I asked my spirit guides out loud for guidance.  I acknowledged their presence and the fact that I knew that this wasn’t where my story ended, and I asked them to help get me back to camp.  I told them to get me to something familiar, so that I could get myself to the lake that was the start of the off-trail part of the hike.  Eventually, I made it to a lake, but it did not look familiar to me.  I took a picture of a cool tree in the water with my phone.  I scanned the edge of the lake for the rock formations that I knew the lake I needed to get to had.  I decided that I would skirt around the edge of the lake in the direction I thought I should be heading, but the granite rocks prevented me from staying right at water’s edge for long.  So I kept going, trusting that I would be led to where I needed to be.  It was a hot day with temperatures in the 80’s, and a lot of the hiking was exposed, so I was getting pretty heated up from the sun. After hiking for about 20 minutes, I ended up on the edge of a lake.  In fact, I checked the pictures on my phone, and found that I was indeed at the same spot I had been nearly 30 minutes prior. And I cannot tell you how I even did that!  Nothing until that moment looked the same to me as I hiked.  So it felt a bit “Blair Witch Project” to me, and it made me panic a little. But it also made me get more serious about finding my way out of there.  I knew the direction I had come from the first time I had landed at that spot, so I looked up and got a good sense of where the sun was and that I needed to keep it behind me as I hiked.  I also made note of the rock formation in the distance that gave me an idea of where I was in the scheme of things.  And I asked my guides for help.  I started hiking again.  And this time, I was headed in the right direction.  On my way in, I had noticed a line of rocks on the curve of the trail in one spot where had they not been there, hikers could get confused and veer off the trail.  I remember thinking, “that’s nice that someone did that”. So as I had asked, on my way out, my guides spit me out onto the trail in the only place that I had specifically noticed on my hike in.  And because I remembered that spot with the rocks so well, I knew the direction that I had been walking on it on my way in, and so I knew what direction I needed to go on my way out. And just like that, my guides helped me.  That experience reinforced the fact that we all have guides with us all of the time who are there to help us along our journeys.  But they can only offer their help when we ask for it.

Some people may think that these things are merely lucky coincidences or acts of a god. I personally do not believe in luck or coincidences.   I see that everything in my life has worked out exactly as it was supposed to, and that there have been reasons for absolutely everything I have done, said, written, and been through.  Really, I don’t think that it matters how you explain it, so long as you acknowledge the presence of a power greater than yourself, your own soul/higher power, and ask for help when you need it.  I believe that this is why prayer really does work.  Prayers and asking guides for help is really one in the same.  We all have our own beliefs for various reasons, and that’s OK. It only matters that we understand and connect with the fact that we are always being taken care of by the Universe/God/a higher power to learn and grow in the ways that our souls set out to in this life.

We should all examine our beliefs to see if they create peace or suffering in our lives.  In my life, when I identified with being a victim of life circumstance and felt surely that I was being punished or that I had bad luck, I suffered greatly.  Putting it simply, I got tired of suffering, so I started being open to other ways of viewing things.  I sought new beliefs that offered me more inner peace and happiness along my journey.  Inner peace and happiness are choices, they’re not something that will come when you get that other job, meet that perfect someone, or acquire your ideal amount of material objects.  Inner peace is learning to accept the present moment of your life completely while trusting that that moment is all part of a much bigger plan for your life than you can even imagine.  Life is much too short and beautiful to suffer through it. Nothing in life is happening TO us, it’s all happening FOR us!

Matisyahu “Bal Shem Tov” Live

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3 thoughts on “We Are Never Alone

  1. I absolutely love your stories – you definitely do have guides looking out for you! Thanks for sharing some of your experiences it definitely makes you think. I worked in a hostel in Peru and shared a room with other workers. One morning, feeling hungover but not wanting to waste the day I got up to get a shower! As soon as I left the room I heard yells, I walked back in to see the top bunk had collapsed on to the bottom where I was lying mere moments before. That really shook me up! I don’t ask for assistance from Guides but I do want to start doing so. X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Yes, and it sounds like you’ve been protected too! I sort of blended a few different things in this post in regards to how I believe we are guided. There are instances where we’re obviously being protected from injury and death because we aren’t meant to be injured or killed. But then, I believe that we have guides to help us along our journeys in other ways as well. I was guided to start this blog, for instance. And when I pay attention, I see messages from my guides all around me. Asking for our guides’ help is as easy as doing it. : )


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