Inspiration All Around Us

So, I have a friend who gets up super early, like 0300 early, and goes for epic hikes to amazing places in the local National Parks every week on his two days off.  And the great thing is that he posts lots of pictures and videos of their treks on Instagram, so I get to live vicariously through him on the days he gets outside and I am working in the hospital.  He’ll post stories that show the time and the view out of the windshield of the car he’s riding in as they’re driving in the still darkness of the early morning to their next picturesque destination.  And friends, as I’m rolling out of bed for work at 0440 and see that he’s already up getting ready to hike, it inspires the shit out of me!  I’ve told him this several times now.  He said that one reason why he does it is because he wants to inspire people to get outside.  It’s working for me, and I am sure that many others have also been inspired by the life that he leads.  I absolutely LOVE being outdoors, and try to be outside every day on my days off, but seeing someone else getting out there like he does pushes me to do, see, and explore even MORE!  I get inspired to fill my life even more with all of the things that bring me the most joy!   I was just thinking about this tonight and it got me thinking about how we all offer inspiration to each other on the daily, even amidst the chaos of the world and our own lives.  With my life experience, I have learned to speak up and tell people when they’ve affected me positively, though I admit that a lot has still gone unspoken.  How often do we move through life and keep these things to ourselves?  How often are you inspired by people on your Instagram or Facebook feeds and reach out to tell them so? What would the world be like if we all shared our feelings of inspiration and gratitude with the people who sparked positivity in our lives?  I can tell you that since starting this blog, I have had many beautiful connections develop, because people took it upon themselves to reach out to me and thank me for writing.  I find a lot of peace, happiness, and motivation to keep writing in knowing that this blog has positively affected other people.  So I know firsthand that telling someone that they inspire us creates a positive ripple effect into the world.  Who inspires you?  Have you told them?  If not, I would encourage you to try it.

I personally get very excited and inspired when I see people living life to the fullest, and making time for the things that bring them the most joy!!  I find that a lot of the time, I will meet people who are doing things that I am currently dreaming of doing, so it allows me to see a version of my dreams in action.  For example, I dream of traveling the world with my son.  I have traveled in the United States extensively and have lived in a total of 10 states, but I have only left the country once.  I know that international travel will expand my heart and mind so much, and I am really being urged to do it.  So I hope to share the experience with my son.  This summer, while exploring and backpacking up in the mountains together, my son and I met a woman from Switzerland who was there camping long-term with her 8-year old son!!  Apparently, they had visited friends in LA, and then ended up traveling to Hawaii with them, and then had landed up in the mountains where we were hiking.  When we met them, they had been camping there for almost a month.  The woman told me that she works independently and had some money saved as well, and that she homeschools her son, which allowed them to stay as long as they wanted.  Later that day, I was talking to my son about how much I would love to travel to other countries with him, and he asked me if I was jealous of the woman we met.  And I immediately told him that I wasn’t jealous, but INSPIRED because she was showing me that my dreams are possible!

Even with everything I have been through, well likely because of it, I see so much more beauty in this world than darkness.  Maybe it’s partly because I know that it’s the darkness that shows us the light in this world.  I think we all have certain things that inspire us in life depending on our own journeys, interests, and unexpressed urges.  I find artists and musicians very inspiring, because they create from their hearts and then put their works of art out into the world for all to see.  I think maybe it’s that level of vulnerability and authenticity that inspires me the most about it, along with the fact that they’re following their passion and doing what they love.  A good friend of mine from college recently shared with me that he’s had a book of his poetry published. I went straight to the link, and bought a copy for myself.  I can’t wait to read it!  I love to support friends who share their creativity with the world!  (you can find his book here:  What inspires you?

There has been so much negativity and hate spewed out in the world lately.  And so inevitably, it lands on our Facebook feeds.  What if we countered the negative with positive?  What if we were to use Facebook as a platform to let our friends and family members know how they have positively impacted our lives, and how they inspire us?

We generally walk through this life always thinking that we have more time.  More time to do the things we long to do, and more time to say the things we want to say.  But what if we don’t have more time?  What if today was our last day in this life?  Are there dreams that we aren’t fulfilling?  Are there words we’re leaving unsaid?  We aren’t going to experience a different kind of world if we aren’t willing to move through this life in a different kind of way.  If you’re having trouble believing that you can make your dream a reality, look around, because you’ll see that there is inspiration all around us!

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Matisyahu “I Will Be Light” Live

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